mainevent888 (adultforum)


Finally visited Cassie, been a long time coming... Had a fun time, very passionate, looks a lil bit like Lily Allen, more of a size 9 to 10, luv girls with short hair...

bigguy88 response: She is a fantastic kisser. Really enjoys it.

Popeye (adultforum)


I had my first punting experience last year just before the second level 3 lockdown in Auckland. I had the pleasure of spending time with Cassie. I had been mesmerised by her profile and pics for around 2 or 3 years before I could muster up courage to give it a shot. Cassie is an enthusiastic kisser and is full of passion. You can tell she really likes to kiss. Who was I to complain! :cool: We spent ages doing just that initially before things moved to me dining at the Y for ages to the point where my tongue started to hurt (lol) It was my first time going down on a lady and I was pleasantly surprised at how turned on I was giving her pleasure. Cassie had her wisdom teeth removed at the time and was unfortunately unable to return the favour but it didn't bother me and we moved to the main course which was over in a few minutes of me pounding her in missionary. Cassie has the most amazing set of boobs as well and I had a great time with them. All in all, slightly awkward as I was given it was my first time, it all ended well and we even found time to make out for sometime after I had bust my load. I was a happy man. (also reviewed Willow at DH) Dollhouse has two winners on its roster and if Cassie has started doing bj's again, it will be hard to decide who to go and see next time. As a side note, Cassie loves being fingered which was a no go area with Willow but besides that, I don't think there is anything Willow isn't willing to try. Both girls are super sexy, have amazing bodies and boobs and we are all so lucky to have them here in Auckland.



I was having a slow day and it had been a while since I had been to DH, certainly not since they have moved. I checked the roster and liked the look of Cassie's profile so had to book. I was greeted by this lovely lady who took me to her lair. As Auckland was now down to level 1 I opted for the kissing option. This lady is a great kisser and soon we had discarded all our clothing and I progressed to other areas of her body - wow. The sight of her beautiful eyes looking up and me while devouring me but somehow not tipping me over the edge was wonderful. She is an amazing conversationalist to snuggle up to between rounds. Highly recommended

Alan420 (adultforum)


Let me just first say that Cassie was not my first choice because she didn't have any photos on the website. I was about to call it a day and maybe just punt again when the girl i wanted to book was available but thank god i was so horny and i got to meet Cassie. Cassie is a really great girl, big breasts, beautiful eyes, a great kisser and an amazing conversationalist. I enjoyed every minute of my booking with her. I highly recommend her!

Nick Jones (adultforum)


After reading so many great reviews about Dollhouse, I decided to give them a try last week. I had never punted with an agency before, so was very keen to get the feel. Contacted them via text and after some discussion, booked a particular lady. She wasn't available on that day, so I was offered Cassie. She welcomed me with a smile and hug. Finished the paper work, took a shower and we started talking about what both of us liked to do, then slowly got into the main course. The service provided by Cassie was awesome, with plenty of DFK and DATY. Her boobs are soft, pink lips are so sensuous, body is smooth and sex was passionate in multiple positions. There was no rushed feeling and I enjoyed every moment of it. The room itself was also very neat and clean with mirrors on the walls, which made it even more exciting. Overall score, 9 out 10. Reason for 9 is due to the entrance to the building where DH is located, not being as discrete as i would have liked. There is an educational institute in the building, due to which there are loads of students around, which made me a bit uncomfortable. Rest all good.

Albert1 (adultforum)


Cassie DH This sexy, cute little girl always delivers, absolutely gorgeous, one of my favourites, last time I saw her, she greeted me with an amazing passionate French kiss that awoke every single cell of my body... my time with her was full of DATY, FK, positions, CBJ, eye contact. She is very down to earth and easy to have a chat with. Cassie is always eager to please. Amazing F tits (I'm a boob man) 12/10 — Could easily introduce her to my parents :-) Would I go back? a solid and outstanding YES! Saw her two weeks ago (2 shots in 1 hour)

Big Dog (DH review)


I recently had my first Doll House experience with Cassie. The communication when booking was great, and the set up was discreet, clean and tidy. Cassie was absolutely amazing, her profile doesn’t exaggerate anything. She has the perfect curvy body, and is a fantastic kisser and incredibly responsive in bed. I will definitely be seeing her again :)

Dan (DH review)


She knows how to look for a man. She’s very polite and lovely to talk to. She made me feel welcome. Not only did I enjoy our time in bed but our joyful conversations and laughters too. I completely enjoyed the time with her. Can’t forget her sweet kisses. We ran out of time and she handled the situation calmly and professionally. She’s such an adorable woman. Sure, I’ll come back for her.



I want to thank pkrstar for his recent review of Cassie as it was what tipped me over the edge into booking her. Without putting too fine a point on it Cassie is dynamite. Her profile says she 'looks like a virtuous and wholesome girl next door' and I think this is accurate (she reminded me a little of a young thora birch), but appearances are deceiving. Cassie is a confidant and eager lover, who repeatedly surprised, teased and delighted me. I don't like to go into too much detail other than to say if you are a lover of DFK she is a fantastic practitioner of the art. I will see her again, nay, I must see her again!

hspree (adultforum)


She excels with the small touches too. A hand on the small of your back as she leaves to deal with the paper work, the little things she says to encourage more from you, the way she gently handles your erection while looking you in the eyes before sweeping her breasts up your body as she moves in for a kiss. The way she grabs you and pulls you in as if to claim you for Queen and country.

pkrstar (adultforum)


I had the pleasure of seeing Cassie this afternoon. My heart rate is still recovering now, just an amazing few hours that make an incredibly hot and stressful Monday into a great day I'm not likely to forget anytime soon. Where to start? Well of course she looks amazing, her smile is really something special. When she opens the door in that lingerie all rational thought leaves your mind. A quick shower done and it's time. You're in her domain now. No thought or hesitation, just passion and desire. Mutual pleasure. It might have been hot outside but the real heat was in that bedroom. Her moans and cries, and knowing you are the cause of them. Damn. We needed that fan in the room for sure. Of course she had me moaning and bucking away like crazy soon after. And we weren't even half way through! Round two was even better. She is something special for sure. Thanks again Cassie.

hspree (adultforum)


I loved the eye contact. Contact meaning I could feel her gaze graze my body, stand hairs up on the back of my neck and pull forth my cheesiest smiles. She has beautifully expressive grey eyes. I loved the kissing. She kisses with her whole body. During the lead in the feeling was furtive and sensual then suddenly an insatiability kicked in and she was kissing with everything. She thrust herself into me while her limbs lustfully pulled the rest of me in and her lips hungrily took their fill of everything mine had to give. I loved the foreplay. She is not shy about expressing her pleasure and adding the odd whispered expletive for emphasis while bucking her hips up and down. For once I'm not going to carry on too much. This was the first time I asked Rebecca for advice on a particular desire and boy did she refer me to the right woman. She provides a full body experience. If you're game be prepared to let her take the lead a little while she gets herself off on you. Beware the up sell at the end. She'll get herself all hot and bothered and ask if you're sure you can't extend your time with her a little while longer. It's bloody effective and had I not been committed elsewhere I may have left a poor man. Thank-you Cassie and thank-you Doll House.

samcharming response (adultforum):


Mate I don't think there was an upsell at the end. I have been with Cassie twice and can only say she seems to have genuinely enjoyed your company and might have wanted more of you, take it as a compliment. Lucky dude I never got a request for extension ....

samcharming (adultforum)


Cassie’s lovely asset is her boobs and she knows how to play it. Soft Supple and great to bury your head in. You will be greeted by a beautiful angel face and you cannot imagine in your wildest dreams the pleasure trove this vixen will unleash in bed. What you will encounter is high energy levels with passionate kissing and no part of your body is left untouched. I am not normally a man for a second round but even I was surprised with myself when I went for a second round with Cassie. She is hot, beautiful and will keep you on the edge throughout the booking Enjoy Cassie she is absolutely into the game and loves rolling in the hay, if I may say so. A great find in an angel face with demonish desires, a great time I had just loved it.